The Summary of the complimentary insurance commitments for The Working Employee of the Education Organization


The committed issues

Ceiling  of the Commitments


Decreasing the share of the basic insurance and in case of not committing the basic insurance, 20 percent deductible

Costs of hospitalization, surgery and chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cardiac angiography, Gamma Knife (associated with benign and malignant surgeries) and a variety of crusher in hospitals and surgery centers DAY CARE limited and medical treatment costs and hospitalization in intensive care units such as CCU and ICU isolation room.

General and Specialty Hospitalization without Ceiling


Decreasing the share of the basic insurance and in case of not committing the basic insurance, 20 percent deductible

Paid maternity related costs (including labor, preterm cesarean delivery and diagnostic curettage and drainage) during the contract period

Vaginal delivery, cesarean and curettage

To the ceiling of 10,000,000 Rials


Decreasing the share of the basic insurance and in case of not committing the basic insurance, 20 percent deductible

Primary infertility and infertility infertile couples merely offset the cost of documents on tariff alignment at the center of the first contract


Infertility and non-productivity


Compensation of the insurance deductible of the drugs, based on commitment and without commitment of Basic insurance deductible
will be 20% deductible.



Offset the cost of infertility drugs and primary infertility infertile couples subject to written physician's order book for the first insurer

20% deductible

Meet the cost of natural members transplantation (kidney, liver, heart, cornea, lung, and...) After verifying the relevant support forum and confirmed by physicians under insurance

Natural organ transplants

Without ceiling


The Council of Ministers approved tariff ceiling is calculated after deduction of 20% is deductible and non-deductible base is in the form of shares.

Tip: Serve tests and pathology are subject to a 10% deductible co-pay is mandatory in addition to deducting the share of the first insurer

 Supply costs, including the costs of clinical radiology, nuclear medicine scans, ultrasound, MRI, tests, pathology, physical therapy, laser therapy (a maximum of ten treatment sessions per month), magnet therapy, audiometry, speech therapy, acupuncture , non-cosmetic laser therapy, occupational therapy, PRP, emergency services and other clinical practices.

Paraclinic services level 1 and 2 and the licensed outpatient operations without ceiling


20 percent deductibles

Costs of LASIK and Refractive RK to meet (corrected eyesight) for each eye to eye on computer print outs and medical certificate, 3 diopters, and more (the sum of the absolute value of the degree of visual impairment around each eye, nose or plus half of myopia or astigmatism each alone)



70% deductible

Thirty percent of the cost of compensation Genetic testing in the relative value of services provided valuation is not provided scientific evidence for testing

Genetic testing (without ceiling)


Without deductible

Interurban and intercity recoup the costs for emergency medical ambulance to the hospital or transfer the patient (at admission) to other diagnostic and treatment centers in the obligation is prescribed by the doctor.

Emergency services


20% deductible

The cost of glasses (glasses and frames) and contact lenses prescribed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist within one year of insurance subject to the Providing computer tab eye score by the prestigious eyewear. In the manner prescribed by an optometrist glasses if the number is less than or equal 5/0 In addition to the above documents, the eye doctor's certificate is required.

Glasses and lenses


Up to the Council of Ministers tariff approved ceiling and not using the share of the basic insurance basic insurance, 20 percent deductible is accountable

Offset the cost of GP visits, specialists qualified to insert your health care provider based on insurance

Visit (without ceiling)


20% deductible and incase of not committing the basic insurance without ceiling

All drugs in the treatment of certain diseases, both inside and outside the insurance Pharmacopoeia including disease hemophilia, thalassemia, chronic dialysis grafts such as: kidney, liver and other links (with the exception of organ transplants and cornea) and incurable diseases, including cancer, MS, ALS, Parkinson's,  hereditary metabolic diseases and burns, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, Crohn's disease and Behcet's and AIDS.



Drugs without ceiling


Incase of committing the basic insurance after decreasing its share, and in case of not committing the basic insurance 20% deductible



All drugs in the treatment of nerve and muscle weakness of the monetary myositis, and autoimmune diseases such as Duchenne and Guillain-Barré syndrome, pemphigus, psoriasis, Sjogren's disease and neuropathy secondary to diseases such as diabetes and neuropathy exception. .. that the state is on the drug List is in the pledge.

20% deductible

Merely offset the cost of prostheses that are placed inside the body, based on the rates authorized centers and authentic medical equipment (available on the website of the Ministry of Health) prescribed by a doctor and bin commitment is confirmed by physicians under insurance. Ortiz just Tlhayy the neck like corsets, belts, braces, knee braces and braces that are prescribed by a physician, orthopedic and neurology

Arvtz and prostheses (without ceiling)