The Summary of the complimentary insurance commitments for The National Retired Fund


The committed issues

Threshold  of the Commitments


In case of not using the share of the 1st insurer

30 percent franchise

Costs of hospitalization from surgical specialty and subspecialty, including cardiovascular surgery, neurology, surgery of the spine (except for disc surgery, spine) and some Pelvis and hip surgeries , femur and knee joint (surgery in the two leaves attached list) kidney transplant, bone marrow transplantation and hospitalization costs of medical and surgical procedures specific diseases and incurable specialized drug costs and side effects of the treatment of certain diseases and difficult treatment and side effects of chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients, in terms of diagnosis and prescribing physicians, including the inclusion or non-inclusion of insurance base in the official list, the injection of IVIG and BCG, appointments, tests, radiology and other services related to specific diseases and incurable for inpatient and outpatient surgery, medical treatment, chemistry and radiation therapy for cancer, pre-cancer, pre-leukemia


The subspecialty commitments for each one of the insured is

150,000,000 Rials


In case of not using the share of the 1st insurer

30 percent franchise

Medical treatment, other surgical procedures, Services Day Care, spinal disc surgery and angiography and carotid arteries of the heart and brain, multi-detector CT angiography and angiography some of the peripheral vascular and digital  as well as laser therapy of the eye (such as retinal hemorrhage and YAG laser), Kraslynk (UVX), injections of Avastin, PRP, TTT, PDT eye, RF different parts of the body and the needles as well as the use of RF through the endoscope, ERCP alone or in combination with stent, a variety of endosonography, of endoscopy and colonoscopy, PET SCAN, Gamma Knife, needle biopsy and bone marrow aspiration in combination, either as an outpatient or inpatient brachytherapy needles, crushing and prostate biopsy by needle under the guidance of imaging and other similar cases.

The general commitments for each one of the insured is

75,000,000 Rials

From subspecialty hospitalization commitments


After decreasing the share of the 1st insurer

Medical costs for other types of diagnostic and outpatient treatment including angiography, mammography, fluoroscopy, bone densitometry, of ultrasound scans and CT scans, sorts MRI, nuclear medicine (radioisotopes), FNA, Holter monitoring, GDX, pachymetry , IOL MASTER, manometry, topography, bladder bar, ICG, HTR, OCT, EOG, ERG, multifocal Kahn scan and UBM eyes, BODY BOX, methacholine challenge test, respiratory, plethysmography, Pentacam, Pap smear.

Echocardiography, ECG, ASI, exercise test, FALL TEST, Programming pacemaker, tilt testing, assessment pacemaker pacemaker analysis, fiber and liver scan, ozone therapy, strips of muscle, nerve tape, EEG, urodynamic testing, physiotherapy and laser therapy, chiropractic services, , audiometry, determine visual field (perimetry), examine your optic nerve, the nerve of hearing, tympanometry, spirometry.

Paraclinic of the 1st level

5,500,000 Rials for each one of the insured



After decreasing the share of the 1st insurer

Authorized charges contained in the relative value of outpatient health services such as fractures, dislocation, casting types (including costs of Radiology), Excision foreign body, excision of benign tumors, Excision corns, nail surgery mired in soft tissue drag nails, treatment and control of surgical bleeding nose abscess, chalazion, pterygium eye, lumbar puncture (LP), remove foreign bodies from the ears and nose.

The licensed outpatient operations

3,000,000 Rials for each one of the insured


After decreasing the share of the 1st insurer

The cost of laboratory services ranging from medical diagnostic tests and pathology (reception and sampling, urine analysis, general and specific clinical chemistry, hormones, tumor markers, hematology, coagulation, blood bank, serology, immunology, microbiology, cytopathology, pathology, cytogenetics, molecular genetic testing)

Price of pathology related to all aspects of sampling that is performed on an outpatient basis in the doctor's office or other medical centers  is payable in accordance with the tariffs of the insurer.

Medical tests with the threshold of 2,800,000

For each one of the insured